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Bright Beginners

Ages 6 weeks to 17 months

When you step into the infant classroom with your little one, of course you are looking for a safe, clean, and welcoming environment. You also expect to feel warmth and acceptance. We call our infant program the “Bright Beginners” not only because we expect to create a bright new place for your child to grow and learn, but we also hope it is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will endure for many years as your child continues to develop in our program.

Our infant caregivers are committed to making this first transition away from home as easy and natural for you and your child as possible. We operate on proven philosophies of development that recognize each child as a unique individual with his/her own particular style of learning. Schedules in the Bright Beginners classroom revolve around the patterns of play, feeding, and sleeping that each child has developed prior to their arrival.

Tiny Feet
Mother and Child

Our Curriculum

  1.  Environment,

  2. Adult-child interactions, and

  3. Planned activities vary according to the infant’s age and developmental stage. The caregivers will make notes of the child’s daily activities to share with you each day and will also keep written ongoing observations as the child reaches each developmental milestone.

Our Goals

  1. Separating from parents,

  2. Connecting with others (school and teachers),

  3. Relating to self and others;

  4. Communicating with parents, teachers, and friends, and

  5. Expressing feelings with parents, teachers, and friends. Let the fun begin!

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