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Busy Bees

Young toddlers ages 18 to 30 months

The Busy Bees classroom is designed to provide a safe space for these little ones to practice autonomy as they work to understand exactly WHO they are and figure out WHAT they can do.


Somewhere around 18 months, identity becomes the dominant developmental task. Toddlers are learning how to be safe, how to get what they need without taking from others, how to use peers and adults as resources, how to use words to express feelings, and how to act appropriately in different situations.


While at times they seem VERY CONFIDENT and secure, they can also become overwhelmed easily. They still rely heavily on the understanding and intervention of their caregivers even as they say, “I can do it myself”!

Baby Playing with Abacus
Babies in Playroom

Routines become critical at this age; it becomes another type of security for them. They need to know what they can expect to happen throughout the day.


That is why teachers learn to follow the Daily Schedule and remember to tell the child what they are going to do BEFORE they do it. It is a tough time in some ways, because emotions can run high and activities can turn into battles as they make their way through the process of learning to interact with peers who are going through many of the same struggles.


At times they will resort to common behaviors like pushing, shoving, and BITING! This is when we all have to remember Toddler Rule #1: Biting IS developmentally appropriate behavior for these children. They have not yet achieved self-regulation, and need assistance from adults in managing their impulses.

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